The Avengers

Ah, the Avengers. Like always, my frugal nature rarely allows me to spend money on something so frivolous as a movie ticket. Ok, the truth is that I am usually broke. This means that I often get to watch movies long after the rest of the world has moved on, with the only consolidation being that I can enjoy them in my own home with both bathroom and refrigerator close at hand. Plus, there is the almighty pause button. It is hard telling a theater full of people that the movie must be paused because you were shortsighted in not going to the restroom before curtain rise. Doesn’t work that way, does it?

Back to the movie – I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed Stark’s snarky attitude and witty lines. I enjoyed the two semi-normal guys, Hawkeye and whoever Scarlet Johansen played. I even liked Thor, but not as much as the other heroes. I loved the Hulk, especially as he was beating the hell out of that half-baked dictator, Loki. What a maroon! Perhaps my favorite character was Captain America, which is surprising since I did not really care for his stand alone movie. His ability to command the situation and play to the teams’ strengths were pretty awesome.

The special effects were very well done, not surprising coming from Joss Wheldon and the ginormous budget he had at his command. However, when I saw the flying aircraft carrier, I had a moment of doubt for two reasons. 1. What a stupid idea! An engine or two gets taken out and that thing becomes a falling rock with a couple of thousand people on board. Defense Department, do not use this as a germ of an idea for a future system. We do not need falling aircraft carriers. Later in the movie my prognostication came to pass. 2. While watching those scenes, I hearkened back to my past and had this thought, “Is this freakin’ G.I. Joe?” Only that idiot Cobra Commander would think up something this stupid. Oh and look, he lost every time. Don’t get me wrong, as kid I loved all the so called bad guys – Cobra, the Klingons, the Irish Republican Army, the Empire from Star Wars. I grew up and realized that most of their ideas were idiotic at best and the writers never let them win. Such is the world.

Anyway, it was a great movie and shall go into the vault with all the other great comic book movies. Spiderman, Batman, X-Men…..crap, they are going to just keep making more of these, aren’t they?

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