I have a dream. Not a dream of fame or power or wealth. My dream is a simple dream and hope for the future involving a beach, a hammock, a few hundred good books, tall fruity drinks, and the occasional back-rub from a beautiful woman. My dream is to be a gentleman of leisure.

This blog is intended as an exploration, as I journey toward my dream, of my wide and varied interests. I will discuss in the Rantings section many of these interests, including religion (mine own in particular, but not exclusively), politics, sports (by which I mean football), and whatever else catches my eye. I also review restaurants, books, movies, and any other products that might that make an impression on me. The next two sections are an abode for my love of genealogy. I have divided them into North for my father’s family and South for my mother’s. If you have anything to contribute to these sections, please feel free as long as it is constructive

Finally, I will add something about myself. My gender is male. My religious affiliation is as a Latter-day Saint (or Mormon). Culturally, I am a proud product of the American South, specifically Louisiana. Politically, I am very Conservative with leanings toward Libertarianism. If any of these cause issue for you, I regrettably invite you to leave. This blog world is mine, in which I am deity, emperor, king, general, etc. While this might seem a little high-handed, life is generally unfair on many levels and this happens to be one that I control. Putting this short burst of megalomania aside, I more often resemble the lackadaisical, congenial sot* under the tree sleeping off the summer afternoon. Guidelines established, I invite you to read, comment and generally enjoy. Thank you.


*I use the term in the Middle English context of fool, from the Medieval Latin sottus. If you look above, you should note my religious persuasion, which does not permit the ability to be a sot in its usual context.

IThe header picture is “Happiness in thy Dream,” by F. Rand. Illustrated London News, 1881.