Michael Milton (1794-1863) and Martha Elizabeth Clark (1807-?), Part I


Bible Record*


Michael Milton was the son of Michael Milton and Mary Unk. He was born in what was the Mississippi Territory in 1794, now Baldwin Co., Alabama. He was the third of 3 sons and also had 2 sisters. He fought in the War of 1812. Sometime in the 1820’s, he moved to Louisiana. He married Martha Elizabeth Clark around 1830. She was formerly the wife of John Wilkins and had two daughters, Robina and Mary Ellen, with him. She was born in 1807, either in South Carolina or Mississippi.

People Listed in this Bible Record
Joseph Clark and Martha
-Martha Elizabeth Clark

Children of John Wilkins & Martha Clark
-Mary Ellen Wilkins
-Hester Robina Wilkins

Michael Milton & Martha Clark
Children of:
-Joseph A. Milton
-Andrew Jackson Milton
-James Washington Milton
-Michael Milton
-John D. Milton
-William Milton
-George C. Milton
-Sarah Ann E. Milton

George & Mary Jane Milton (had more, but only 1 listed)
Children of:
-Elliot M. Milton

Elliot M. & Angeline Stafford Milton
Children of:
-Angie Milton
-Rosa Jane Milton
-Ida Isabella Milton
-Hiram Clark Milton
-Gracie Carry Milton
-Oscar Boyd Milton

Not listed Nelson Milton (1907-1908)

*I received this Bible information from my uncle, George Milton, in July or August 2010.

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