A Time of Loss

Yesterday was the 8th anniversary of my mom’s passing. The loss of those below came at me so fast that it was only today I could even write about it.

I found out early in the last month that my good friend, David Beckham, died in Idaho on February 7th. He was in one of the wards in Stockton when I was there as a missionary. He did whatever he could for us, despite the fact that he was on disability from a workplace accident. He drove us around and was the go to guy for anything we needed. After I left my mission, he even defended me from accusations made against me by some in the mission. It may not be common knowledge, but I was sent home a month early because of my temper and losing it with a fellow missionary. Unfortunately, I lost contact with him after this and saw him infrequently post on Facebook. I will definitely miss him. As I posted to his niece, if I ever do get to Heaven, I know this man will be waiting for me.

Another loss is that of Coach Billy Burge to cancer on February 24th. He was a long time teacher in Walker and worked with my mother for what seemed (and probably was) decades. He was my PE coach in junior high and driver’s education instructor in high school. He taught more than half the town of Walker and will be missed by all. Thanks, Coach.

In addition, on March 8th, my dear and only maternal uncle, George Elvin Milton, was felled by a heart attack. He spent two days in the ICU before he was removed from life support on March 10th. I have spent most of the 2 & 1/2 weeks in depression over his passing. He was the patriarch and rock of my extended family. My grandfather died when he was 17 and my mother was 3, and he became in many ways the father figure for her and her sisters. He was a dedicated family historian and helped nurture this passion in myself. The only consolation for me is that he is now having a chance to talk to the many ancestors that we spent many an hour discussing. Sir, I love you and miss you, but I know you are in the arms of your parents and the Lord.



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