Home After a Year and a Half – And Very Late, Part II.

A couple of things happened at home that were not pleasant. I found out from Dad that my cousin, Danny Fred, had been killed in a hit and run by a drunk driver in Rockland, Maine. He was the same age as me and had lived a difficult, but interesting life. I regret that I did not know him as well as I should. I think I may have talked to him once in the last twenty years. For example, I had no idea that he had children. The news story of his accident stated that he was walking on the side of the road with a friend and her daughter. Findagrave.com includes a very nice obituary for him.

Daniel Fred Cormier, 35, died tragically on the evening of January 30, after being struck in a hit and run car accident in downtown Rockland, Maine.

Daniel was born on August 29, 1979 in Augusta. He grew up in Alexander and was, as his brother Patrick described him, a “nomad” in adulthood, traveling throughout the country, touching lives and making friends everywhere he roamed. Living for extended periods in California, Florida and Pennsylvania in addition to Rockland, where he resided for the past several years.

As a boy and young man he showed surprising natural talents. As one friend recalled, Daniel as a fifth grader playing chess against a local competitive chess player visiting Alexander School and winning against the man not only once, but three straight times. Later, Daniel became a proficient self-taught guitar player.

He had a lifelong knack for making people laugh. Daniel’s green eyes would light up as he told jokes and enjoyed the jokes of others.

He is survived by his mother Mary and father Danny of Calais; brother Patrick of Alexander; sister Anita and nephew Austin of Portland; and his children including daughter Winter, 14, and son Christian, 3.

*Update: My cousin Patrick has a news story on Facebook where the man filed a motion for release due to police abuse. I know I need to forgive, but a part of me clings hard to old feelings of retribution.

In addition, an associate of John (my oldest brother), Timmy Garrison, was killed up in Wiggins, MS. He was the local distributor for Woodmizer, which is the brand of John’s woodmill. There was a lot of speculation on Facebook and other places online, but eventually they arrested the his wife, her purported lover, and the lover’s cousin who they hired to come up and kill him.

Here is his obituary. I met him one visit up there in the company of John while on some business. There are some messed up people in this world.

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